A survey of government IT security professionals

Continuous Monitoring Report: Federal security professionals say agencies are unprepared

CoverThe December 2012 deadline for government agencies to implement software to continuously monitor the security of their networks is looming, but many government IT security professionals tasked with implementing the process report that, in all likelihood, most organizations won’t be ready on time.

RedSeal found that 28% of professionals believe they will have the right tools and process in place to meet the 2012 federally mandated security monitoring requirements, based on a survey of more than 200 government information security professionals conducted at the 2011 7th Annual GFIRST National Conference.

Some of the findings:

  • 55% percent of all agencies revealed they won’t be ready or don’t know if they’ll meet the requirement for continuous monitoring as outlined in FISMA.
  • 33% percent of small agencies said they expect to have the required solutions and processes in place on time to meet the White House deadline.
  • 64% indicated that continuous monitoring will play a key role in strengthening their network defenses.

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